Welcome to Proresultspiant Co.

A proudly family owned and operated Paint & General services team, working in Cape Town. We are professional contractors with a mission to bring our can-do attitude, experience and work ethic to your home/office or business. ProResultsPaint Co was founded in 2017 and therefore is still considered the new kid on the block but that does not mean that we hold no knowledge. Let us introduce the team.

The father- Johan Smit has over two decades experience in this field. For him it all started in Johannesburg when he was drafted (a night with friends around a braai), to paint a mutual friend’s home. In his words “die gogga het gebyt”. This favor turned into more than two decade of laser focus, trail & error and a lifetime love affair with the result when his clients turn around with huge smiles on their faces. He started small – one client lead to the next, and so, with the passage of time and the accumulation of practical knowledge (let’s not forget about the steady happy client base), he became a successful contractor in Gauteng’s West and East Rand districts.  In 2011 opportunity came knocking and he moved to Uganda. He continued in his chosen profession with one of the East Africa’s largest paint manufacturing & application firms.  With his dedication and experience he helped to create a strong independent team, specializing in an applications division. At the grassroots level, he implemented all his knowledge and expertise and retained the thrill of “job well done’ when their clients beamed at them at the handover.   In 2015 opportunity came knocking again, this time he relocated to Dubai, United Arab Eremites to work with one of the world’s largest paint distributors companies. Again, he helps create and run a successful applications team, all the while, broadening his knowledge base even further. After serving out his two-year contract, he decided that he will answer his country’s call to his soul and return to South Africa.

 The Son- After finishing high school in 2013, JB followed his father’s footsteps and moved to Uganda.  At the international collages, he ran courses on Marketing, Sales, Public Relations and established an interest in online presence, all the while learning and absorbing his father’s knowledge while working part-time on site with him.  JB too relocated to Dubai in 2015, to grab some much-needed experience. Following up on that what he learned, he felt confident that it was time to join his father’s rank. There’s something to be said about a relationship between father and son when both get home at night covered in paint and dust grinning from ear to ear.

 Back in their home country, it was time for two of them to join forces on a permanent basis. They are supported with implementation and operations advise form the daughter in the family. In 2012 Connie immigrated to Australia after obtaining her Honors Degree in Business & Strategic management. With her background based in pure business savvy and progressive forward-thinking international standards of good business conduct & practices, she’s in the ideal position to counsel, mentor, guide and mediate.

The mother’s role in the company is that of office administrator. (Crossing the ‘t’ and dotting the ‘i’ so to speak). As QC the final inspections on site also falls in Lola’s purview to keep our eyes on the finer detail of execution.  The different generations and strengths does have its hick ups and decision making between the members are an event to behold, but in the end, our believe that the differences in mindsets, complimentary talents and close family ties are Proresultspaint Co biggest asset … The blend of practical experience vs millennial liberal influence.